Tuesday, February 16, 2010

León Moreno

4 trolls discussing:

Anonymous said...

where does the hair come from?
the link doesnt work :/
such a gorgeous sim <3

lanie said...

It seems that none of your sims work in my game. I've stuck them all in the SavedSims folder, but they don't appear in the bin. :/ After deleting cache files and removing the sims files and replacing them a few times (after restarting the game), they still don't show.
Do you know of any trouleshooting tips for this sort of thing?
Then again, it's becoming a common problem that no one really has the answer for. Mehh

Anonymous said...

I adore your sims. It's wonderful to add some interesting faces to my hoods.
Could you make pictures available of their other outfits? Perhaps bring up their traits and such as well?

vampire bunny said...

If you don't mind me asking, what sliders do you use? I like the way your sims come out n.n